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About Serendipity Art Design

I am an independent artist living and painting in lovely Southern Oregon.

Greenhill Humane Society’s 5th Annual “Art for Animals” Auction & Benefit

Greenhill Humane Society is having their 5th annual “Art for Animals” auction November 18th, 2011 and I will be donating several pieces…check it out at! There’s only one thing more fun than painting, and that is painting for a good cause! If you are a fellow artist and would like to donate a piece of original artwork, check out the submission guidelines here.  

Special Charity Project for Cambodia…One Painting of Your Choice $50

I am running a special this month to raise funds for a cause close to my heart…$50 will get you any painting that I have available for sale right now, and 100% of the money goes straight to New Life Fellowship in Cambodia, where I volunteered for almost two years. Go to my website, and click on the “Donate to Cambodia” page. Or just go directly to and navigate to their “donate” page. Show me the receipt of your $50 donation, and take home your painting. Every $50 increment will get you another painting.  I’m excited to see how this little fundraiser goes, and if it is successful, hope to get more artists enlisted for the cause and do some art pieces that feature scenes from places I visited during my stay in Cambodia. Because the paintings are rather large and difficult to ship, I’m only doing this as a local endeavor and require pick-up in person; however, if this proves successful, I will certainly offer shipping of pieces in the future. I can meet you anywhere between Central Point and Ashland, we’ll just have to coordinate schedules.

I am still very close friends with so many of the people I met while I was over there, and have a close connection with many of the families that have been helped by their work. New Life Fellowship provides free English, Computer, Office and Job skills training in the capital city of Phnom Penh, and they build community centers in the rural villages where they provide free health and sanitation education, better agricultural practices instruction, and provide small business start up funds. They have helped to put hundreds of underprivileged children through school as well as providing support to the family, if the family is present. I taught some of the English classes while I was there, I visited the community centers and even painted a few murals. Now that I’m back home, I am determined to find creative ways to continue to help such a worthy cause.

Please feel free to shoot me an email or a phone call if you have any questions or would like to request a custom piece in exchange for you $50 donation, which I would be happy to do 🙂

Spring has sprung, and I’ve got the painting itch

I have been looking out my office window the past couple weeks, seeing the empty field next to my office full of yellow and purple wildflowers, the hazy mountains behind, and it’s all I can do to sit tight and not abandon all for my easel and paints. The stuff that I’ve been doing recently has been more along the lines of “just for fun” and is more graphic and decorative in nature than the time-consuming, all-absorbing pieces that I used to churn out fresh out of art school – the stuff I used to do that qualified as “real art”. However, something in me is crying out for a challenge once again and I’ve been inextricably drawn to the lush landscapes I’ve been seeing lately.  I’ve been looking with yearning glances at my neglected charcoal pencils collecting dust as I walk past them in the garage. It’s been such a busy season for so long that I’ve had to “back shelf”  the painting urge, churning out quick and fun stuff in the spare moments I can muster, but I can feel that a re-emergence of my art’s true expression is fast approaching…I am looking forward to seeing what happens!

Hot Orange? Yes, Please!

I was browsing through the paint aisle earlier today, when something bright and shiny caught my eye…a neon orange paint chip!! This color has become my new muse and you’ll be seeing a lot of it…until another paint chip jumps out at me. Here’s the first of more to come.

Current Project

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I woke up this morning and could barely move, I was so sore from my big project this weekend…8 separate pieces measuring 4×4′ each, but had to be painted laid out all together like one big piece. That’s the best workout I’ve had in a long time! These panels are going up in the sanctuary at Joy Christian Fellowship, as part of their current remodel/update. I will post pics again as soon as we have them installed up on the wall…more coming soon!!

Progress on booth at American Mercantile!

Here’s the progress so far at my new booth downtown, it’s almost done!! (Booth R19). I’m selling these at $25 each or $39.95 for a set of two. Get ’em while they’re hot!! Soaps are priced at $3.00 and $3.95.

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Back at It!!

Well, after a very long break from doing anything artistic, I’m finally back at it and crankin’ out some paintings!! I also picked up a new hobby along the way, and now am selling handmade soaps as well ☺ I’ve opened up a new booth at American Mercantile in downtown Medford, and will be displaying both my paintings and my handmade soap (for dirt cheap, by the way). I will be there for most of the day tomorrow, so come down and pay me a visit!!


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