Monthly Archives: April 2011

Spring has sprung, and I’ve got the painting itch

I have been looking out my office window the past couple weeks, seeing the empty field next to my office full of yellow and purple wildflowers, the hazy mountains behind, and it’s all I can do to sit tight and not abandon all for my easel and paints. The stuff that I’ve been doing recently has been more along the lines of “just for fun” and is more graphic and decorative in nature than the time-consuming, all-absorbing pieces that I used to churn out fresh out of art school – the stuff I used to do that qualified as “real art”. However, something in me is crying out for a challenge once again and I’ve been inextricably drawn to the lush landscapes I’ve been seeing lately.  I’ve been looking with yearning glances at my neglected charcoal pencils collecting dust as I walk past them in the garage. It’s been such a busy season for so long that I’ve had to “back shelf”  the painting urge, churning out quick and fun stuff in the spare moments I can muster, but I can feel that a re-emergence of my art’s true expression is fast approaching…I am looking forward to seeing what happens!