Monthly Archives: March 2011

Hot Orange? Yes, Please!

I was browsing through the paint aisle earlier today, when something bright and shiny caught my eye…a neon orange paint chip!! This color has become my new muse and you’ll be seeing a lot of it…until another paint chip jumps out at me. Here’s the first of more to come.

Current Project

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I woke up this morning and could barely move, I was so sore from my big project this weekend…8 separate pieces measuring 4×4′ each, but had to be painted laid out all together like one big piece. That’s the best workout I’ve had in a long time! These panels are going up in the sanctuary at Joy Christian Fellowship, as part of their current remodel/update. I will post pics again as soon as we have them installed up on the wall…more coming soon!!

Progress on booth at American Mercantile!

Here’s the progress so far at my new booth downtown, it’s almost done!! (Booth R19). I’m selling these at $25 each or $39.95 for a set of two. Get ’em while they’re hot!! Soaps are priced at $3.00 and $3.95.

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Back at It!!

Well, after a very long break from doing anything artistic, I’m finally back at it and crankin’ out some paintings!! I also picked up a new hobby along the way, and now am selling handmade soaps as well ☺ I’ve opened up a new booth at American Mercantile in downtown Medford, and will be displaying both my paintings and my handmade soap (for dirt cheap, by the way). I will be there for most of the day tomorrow, so come down and pay me a visit!!


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