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“Tailgate” party this Sunday at Bear Creek Park amphitheater!

Hi everyone, you can find me this Sunday at Bear Creek Park amphitheater doing facepainting for kids! The event is a city wide “Tailgate party” being put on by my church (Joy Christian Fellowship) and there will be free food and activities, a jumphouse for the kids, and of course an encouraging message preached by our wonderful pastor. We’ve done this annually for around 10 years or so now, but this will be the first time we’ve had it at the park. We’re hoping it will bring the community together for a perfect day in the park!

Sunday May 30th, 10:30 am, Bear Creek Park Ampitheater

My 1-day weeklong project (Updated)

I began a project last Sunday night that should have only taken half a day to finish…now here it is a whole week later, the painter’s tape still up and my painting junk sprawled all over the tiny bathroom (justified every time I see it by saying to myself that I’m just about to get to that…this evening, I’m sure). Procastination wouldn’t be such a problem if I were more aware of how much time has passed me by…I seem to lose track of days and here I am a week later saying, has it seriously been a whole week? How did that happen? So my plans this evening are to actually finish up in there and get some pics posted of the finished project. We’ll see if my intentions actually materialize!

I think part of the problem is that this is a project I have to do (for my dear mother…how could I say no?) and it is standing in between the project I really want to be doing (a big mural on my kitchen wall) so subconsciencly I’m protesting. In fact, I should be painting right now instead of sitting here writing in this blog…I think I’m just stalling now. Ok, here we go…1,2,3 go paint!!

**UPDATE May 28th**

Ok, so this has almost become a 1-day TWO WEEK LONG project…worked a little bit on it after this original post, got sidetracked, and finally tackled it this evening. This project is in the world’s tiniest bathroom, and I’m afraid the pattern is way too busy considering how close-up and claustrophobic in there everything is. I think I’m going to tone down the contrast by topping it off with a beige glaze. That will lessen the visual “severity” of the impact. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this pattern in high contrast…just not over a wall that is a few inches away from my face at any angle! Here’s the pics of what I have so far (the very top isn’t done yet, I can’t decide to extend the stencil or do a painted faux border.)

Dining room ceiling medallion stencil…the dining room “wow” factor!

Here’s one of my latest projects, a dining room ceiling medallion stencil done in two layers…first with a deep brown, then a mottled metallic bronze on top for a little gleam. Looks gorgeous, especially when the chandelier is turned down to low lighting. This was a fun project and transforms a room in very little time…lots of bang for the buck

Ceiling Medallion Stencil

Ceiling Medallion Stencil





Ceiling Medallion Stencil






Artist’s Touch Murals…painting on a wall near you!

Hi everyone, welcome to my brand new blog! Do you have a hard time envisioning what that blank wall might look like after being transformed with a little paint magic? I’ll be posting all my before and after pics here after each new project…also, keep your eye out for blog-subscribers-only specials and promotions! I hope to not only keep you updated, but to inspire you with new ideas and add a little color to your world 🙂 I welcome your questions and interaction…the more the merrier!